Blog in Days, Posts in Weeks, Image in Months: Faster and Faster

Screen shot of Facebook fan page analytics, in two weeks there were 3,600 new fans and hundreds of interactions / © 2010

You can establish yourself on the Internet faster than ever before. The tools to publish and promote yourself are easier to use. More people are using then and want to know what you have to say. And there are more people who can help you and get you going faster. If you have a message and want to get it out, you can reach a large number of people quickly. In a mayoral campaign we just ran, we reached over four million people with Facebook impression advertising in one month. How is this happening? It is the connection between blogs, social networks and the fast growth in use of both that makes access to so many people so quickly. If there are social media groups already set-up, such as fan pages on Facebook and groups on Linked-In, you can promote your message to a large number of people in hours (where in the past took weeks to months.) The speedup in communication comes from an explosion of social media use. In the last year, new groups on Linked-In have exploded. There are more groups and many more subscribers. Groups with thousands of subscribers are useful to join if you have something to tell them. Linked-In subscribers are business oriented, so products or services for businesses from small to big are great to promote there. Fan pages on Facebook are more leisure and interest oriented. These are great places to promote music, food, consumer product and social cause fans.

The change from before social media on the Internet to today’s way of doing things is amazing. For some reason, Facebook and Twitter tapped into the desire for people to say things faster and faster and to more and more listeners. Mobile phones connected to social media sites is also accelerating the speed a message spreads and increases the number of people it reaches. You can just sit with your iPhone at a cafe and read or write Twitter and Facebook messages to all your followers. In turn some followers will re-transmit the message, often commenting on it. This gives you the ability to reach more people faster. To create this avalanche of message activity the message needs to be relevant and interesting to a large audience. You may be able to push a message to a large audience if you have a know name, not necessarily from Hollywood fame, even techies in niche areas like mobile phone gadgets can make a name for themselves. But this may not last long unless you have something interesting to say.

Once you set up the basic connections between a blog and social media pages, you need to develop your own network. This means making connections and picking a subject. Then you can start to develop content. Content is anything from written blog articles, photographs or drawings, audio clips. It could be music or interviews or videos or just links to articles in a focused subject. If your topic is interesting to many people, you will start gathering followers. If you pick a subject you know, writing and keeping up with news will be easier. If you like something like sports or music, and you know about your subject, you can become a chat moderator or commentator with some authority. In some areas you do not need to be the most knowledgeable expert to become a good resource. Think of yourself as having a conversation in a bar with a bunch of sports fans. You can always say something and get a conversation going. If you have an opinion or want to promote a message, there may be people who want to hear your opinion and say something on their own. This is how you get a community started. You say something and others jump into the discussion. Once you build a community, it will amaze you how people interact and create a life of it’s own. At this point you can create and spread messages to support an image. Do you want to be known as a source of information? Do you want to be a commentator on news? Do you have an opinion based on certain values or a point of view? (political, economic, social…) If you do or even if you want to develop an image for yourself, this is where you can do it.

Back to the title. The connections between people, writers, commenters and information is taking a new shape. What is happening between new social media pages like Facebook and Twitter and blogging is simply amazing. More information and ideas are flowing between more people at a faster rate. So go make some of your own buzz and gather people around you. Good luck and happy blogging (once again.)


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