Why Can’t People Adopt New Technology? Yogi Berra Was Right

Yogi Berra's saying: "If they don't want to come to the ballpark, whor's going to stop 'etm" fits with the lack of WEB2.0 Use in many sectors.
Yogi Berra's saying: ''If they don't want to come out to the ball park, nobody's going to stop 'em'' fits with the lack of WEB2.0 Use in many sectors.

Yogi Berra said: “If people don’t want to come out to the ball park, nobody’s gonna stop ’em.” – Like other Yogi Berra quotes, the last part seems opposite to what you expect: “nobody’s gonna stop ’em” If you think clearly, maybe say it out loud or write it down, it makes sense. Yogi Berra made a name for himself for saying things in a strange way, but they made sense. Actually, when boggers and social media managers face new clients, this quote makes lots of sense. A simple observation of how people behave when they do not want to do something. This is the case when there are lots of new things or the change is strange (some say big, but I am not sure about that, more later.)

If you are still with me, then it’s time for the less sarcastic and more positive side of Yogi Berra’s saying. Yogi Berra’s saying comes from seeing lots of empty seats when people did not want to come out to the park. The parallel analogy in WEB2.0 for business is not blogging and social networking. Just like going to a baseball game, there are many reasons why people don’t join in. But what Yogi Berra did not say, is more important: some people do show up at the ball park. In rain, when the team is losing, when the players are not hitting, when half the park is empty, some do show up. Just like in baseball, there are many good dedicated blogger. There are people building networks for their career and company use.

How is Yogi Berra’s strange statement helps you and me? Don’t be in the “people who don’t want to come out”. It sounds too simple, but it is not. People go to the ballpark to see their team lose, and to get wet in the rain, and to see half empty seats. They still “come out” as Yogi said. But they could also see the best game in their lifetime or meet a new friend of just be there supporting their team. It seems like bloggers and social networkers are in the position of the few people who do show up to the ballpark. Sometimes not that many people read the each blog article on the day you publish. Sometimes you have a great idea but you don’t feel like writing or you don’t have the time. Sometimes you don’t have a good topic but have to put out an article after a long quiet period. Sometimes you try to connect with people and they do not respond. Or even worst, the push the “I don’t know” button on Linked-In, which can get you banned from sending invitations. These are all excuses not to “go out to the ballpark, so nobody is “nobody is gonna stop you” as Yogi Berra says. Nobody is not going to stop you from doing nothing. Now the strange wording should make sense. But you are missing connecting with a new friend? or getting out a story on your product? It’s a simple idea, just go out and do it.


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