Effective Content Marketing: No “One Size Fits All”

Marketing methods vary depending on many factors. How do you make your content effective? ©  2007 D-A Vider
Marketing methods vary depending on many factors. How do you make your content effective? © 2007 D-A Vider

There are so many marketing methods out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what works. More precisely, what will work for you. I have seen countless “experts” and “advisers” selling landing pages, e-mail lists, optimization (search, Amazon rank, ebay price adjustment) it’s endless. A few years ago (i.e. 2009-2010), most internet marketers assumed somehow a quieter “wild wild west” era in the near future (essentially today, 2015). But the nature of marketing combined with the faster growth of Internet (now mobile & social) is actually giving more experts a ready market. With this growing need and supply comes the problem of choosing the right technique. Using a technique designed for consumer products (B2C) will usually not work for business products (B2B). Using a technique useful with retail goods, usually will not work with corporate technology products (in retail consumer electronics you may be able to get away with it).

Choose Your Channels Carefully

One of the most critical first step to effective content creation is the channel. Social media channel like Facebook and Twitter, may work to promote a technical product. But it will not work as a publication platform. If you write long form articles on IT services’ features, a blog may be a better choice. Use the social media channels to promote and link to the blog posts. The best way to figure out what to do is by seeing others’ work, testing your own content, then analyzing the results. Take time to test a few articles and a few promotion (and publication channels). Also test formats. You may want to write short (250 word) articles more often (once or twice a week). You may want to cut longer articles (850 ~ 1000 word) into a series of posts. You can publish both on a blog and a web site at the same time and see which one “pulls” the best.

Switch Platforms, Channels & Style

One advantage the internet gives marketers is the ability to switch every element almost at will. If you see more activity moving from one channel to another (I noticed the move from g+ to Facebook in one market segment) – give it a try. If you hit a peak and the number of followers levels off, open up another channel. Notice writing, design and promotion styles. There are great examples of companies which consistently publish great content and keep their writing interesting. I received a recent mail message from a writer who says: “my writing is designed to keep a reader’s thinking fresh, to give him ideas which may not be practical right now, but will keep him thinking…” What an amazing and refreshing approach. That thought stayed with me a whole day. I was trying to think how to do this in my own writing.


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