Marketing for Technologists (and other professionals)

Butterfly Image’s

what do you get with content? Google analytics view of two test articles on a small blog... more in later mailings
what do you get with content? Google analytics view of two test articles on a small blog… more in later mailings

Do you need more internet presence and
content? (getting started)

Before you answer, think a little. Also, do a little research, just a few minutes. Take a look at your competitors, do they have fresh content every week? every day? Do they maintain a blog, a Facebook page, a group in Linked-In? Are their engineers Tweet all day long? Do they have more useful business driven writing? Do they use their site or social media pages to bring in business? or to lure potential customers into a conversation? What is their newsletter about? What are their conversations about?
Before you decide what you need, ask your customers, sales channel staff (not just direct sales), even people who are not using your site. What is their reactions (or expectations) of your site? If you need to plan and organize your thinking, take the time. If you need to test out writers, designers, e-mail list or mailing applications (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact), take a “test drive”. The same with hosting services. Don’t go with the first one you find or the lowest price. When targeting European customers, don’t use a north American hosting service. Saving a few dollars a month may cost you in other ways.
When you thought a little about your needs and researched the market, start looking for help. You can find a blogger to write articles quickly. You can find a designer or buy a pre-made design (called a theme or Word Press) for $50 to $100. The good news: internet development and content services are plentiful. They can also be low cost.

Butterfly Image:

Butterfly Image provides marketing and content creation to technology and professional (business) companies. Sometimes starting with quick demonstration blog, or a few articles. Sometimes with a small site for product or service. With seven years and tens of projects experience, Butterfly Image is
developing a methodology to train, deploy, and maintain internet marketing operations. With emphasis on content creation and promotion, we believe in getting your message clearly and effectively to your target market. We see many businesses with weak internet marketing operations, unfortunately there are not
enough good internet content creators to help them.

This mailing uses mail addresses from professional and personal contacts. If you are connected to me via Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you may be included in the mailing list. If you do not want to be included in future mailings, please reply or mail me directly. It would be nice of you if you do not report this message as a spam on your G-Mail and other mail services. Thanks!



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