Tel Aviv beach, winter 2008 – with new formats, social medias, contents, life can be a “beach” or is it a “bitch”? Your choice / © 2008

Most new internet marketing efforts start with a business vision. Visualizing a “persona“, a “message” or an end affect (action). A persona (see Wikipedia) is useful to create new messages to attract audience. Message formulation is critical in explaining product benefits. End affect, sometimes described as “call to action” is a measure of the target audience and the message’s effectiveness (how many registered users or downloads). If you are a technology specialist or a business manager, these are sometimes done by an outsider. If it’s an outsourced service or a new specialist in the company (especially in startups) you need to be aware of what the end result will bring to the business.

Blog and Social Media Research and Planning:

If you need complete plans from business goals to design and platform selection, it’s a good idea to start with research and planning. A blog or social media plan can serve as a framework to your ideas and ultimately your business goals. Planning is crucial to clarify in an organization the intention and work to be performed. From design, platform selection, content subjects, writing style and tone to resources, if you know before starting, there are fewer surprises later. A blog and social media network is a complex project and need clear tactics (work flow).

Blog and Social Media Production (Tactics):

Once research is analyzed and becomes a plan, real work shows effectiveness. Did we estimate correctly? Are the first  Audience, competition, key attributes, examples of design, content, editing and promotion are just a few elements to research. With knowledge of the landscape and players, planning and deployment of your blog or social network is a helpful component to competitive results.

Think, Research and Ask:

Good writing posted in a steady schedule gives blogs credibility. That reflects directly on your ability to communicate clearly and in real time. Blogs are the information sources of today. You can become a resource of information, news, or opinion. Many domain experts and executives use writing and editing services to keep up blogging. My service is individual, tailored to your needs. It may take you a few test articles to get rolling. If a flow of articles is new to you, it will give you the opportunity to adopt a new work methodology. You can also develop a new communication capability which will give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Getting started writing a product blog, or setting a routine in updating a social network status, or planning a new way to formulate a message – CAN BE HARD. It is time consuming and takes time to set a routine. If you are an experienced product manager or a marketing professional, don’t get frazzled. If you are young and use FaceBook to invite college friends to a party, get ready for a more serious world. Social media and networking may be the single biggest change in the way we inform and influence.

Social media, social tagging, blogging, promotion… all these new ways of getting a message out can make your work complicated. I have worked with tools, technology and use of blogs and social tagging for the last five years (2005 to 2010.) If you need training, coaching, motivation, writing, editing, promotion, quick test blogs, a series of articles about your product… or anything else that will make your life better or easier… please let me know, Thanks, AMI


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